Featurewalls prioritises the client/artist relationship and is dedicated to maintaining a clear and concise line of communication throughout the duration of the project.  Featurewalls understands that choosing a 'Feature wall' is an investment, and because we take great pride in our work, we will be personally involved with every aspect of your project.

The Preparation

Should the preparation be carried out by your own contractors, We can provide full instructions for this, any specially instructed work not carried out appropriately, may affect my guaranteeing of some of the products we use.

Featurewalls collaborates with architects, interior designers, owners in answering their brief and bringing a further creative edge to the table. Client input is also encouraged, in bringing to life a bespoke work that adds value to their business.

All murals are individually priced according to size, style, detail and location.  Although murals can be designed to fit any budget.

You send us a digital photo with a description of the kind of mural your interested in,  and we super impose our mural design idea on to your photo so you know exactly what your mural will look like before we come to paint.  Featurewalls like to think that every mural looks even better in real life than in the design.

If you wish to commission us, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to cover any design time. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the completed mural.